Following these guidelines your holidays in Ibiza will be perfect

Rent a boat in Ibiza is one of the most pleasurable experiences that exist for tourists and residents, on vacation or during leisure time.

Sailing around the islands with your own yacht sounds fantastic but also sounds more expensive and more complicated than renting one. There are many advantages of hiring a boat; It is always clean and ready to navigate the waters of the beautiful Pitiusas because of rigorous maintenance, you can enjoy different models on each occasion, be advised by excellent professionals, forget about maintenance costs and mooring… For this and many other reasons, this practice is growing throughout Europe.

But even hiring, there are certain details that should not be overlooked, especially if it is the first time you rent a boat.

Most people think that hiring a boat is expensive and luxurious, what is most surprising, though is to discover that this is not entirely true

In Ibimarine we want to make things easier, make the most of the precious time you have available to you and your family. Here is a list of tips and useful information that you should know and value so there are no surprises when you hire your dream boat, such as the documents required, the type of boat that is right for you, additional services, etc.

inside the boat of Ibimarine

What documents and information do I need?

The first thing to know before you rent your boat in Ibiza is what documents will be required and the information you should enquire about of the company with which you rent the boat.

The company will ask for identification (ID card, passport) of all members of the group or at least the person who will make the reservation.

If one of you is going to be captain, you must provide the proper documentation that enables you to navigate the boat chosen.

They’ll sign a contract with you, be wary of companies that do not, carefully read all points. Do not overlook unclear clauses, there can be dire consequences if there are any problems.

Most companies have general charter sailing conditions that are very similar in their contracts. The person hiring the boat, ie., you signed the lease with the company, it is responsible for losses and / or damage that may occur to the boat during the rental period.

We must also be very clear about the terms of the insurance, and who will be responsible for  the payment of damages incurred.

At Ibimarine we have full coverage insurance for all our boats with a security deposit of between 1,200 € and 1,500 € depending on the boat. This deposit is blocked on the credit card and unblocked at the end of the rental period if the boat is returned in good condition.

Beautiful rental yacht in a beautiful sea

How are payments made and what extra expenses would I have?

What most concerns us all, is what is included in the rental price and what additional expenses are there.

Most people think that hiring a boat is expensive and luxurious, what is most surprising, though is to discover that this is not entirely true. There are affordable options available to many people, ask us!

Usually, fifty percent is requested at the time of booking, the difference is paid before boarding, and upon return you pay the boat fuel costs, hiring a captain (if applicable) and / or any extras you might have had.

Its is possible, on some of our yachts to enjoy water sports (always with a captain) such as snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skis, etc.. The price will vary according to equipment needed.

Ibimarine also has more services available, such as laundry, catering, reservations for the most exclusive restaurants on the islands, tickets for nightclubs and etc.. Just ask, and we will make it happen.

We must also bear in mind that for the larger boats, A.P.A is additional which is the cost of fuel, berthing fees, etc.. Typically this amount is between 30 and 35% of the hire price and is due at the end of the charter when the exact amount is calculated.

We should not forget the payment of the security deposit which was discussed in the previous section, it is payable in cash or by credit card prior to embarquing and covers any damage that may result to the boat. If the boat is returned in good condition, the deposit is refunded.

Our Itama 55 for rent in Ibimarine

How far I can go?

Good planning is important in choosing a route. Each boat has equipment that is ideal for navigating more or or less away from the coast of Ibiza and Formentera areas.

The captain’s license also limits how far from the coast you can go, there are professional and recreational licenses. This is one of several reasons it is easier and less worrysome to navigate with a captain.

A smaller boat will allow us to maneuver more easily and anchor closer to the coast, the larger ships will allow us to go further away.

To find out how far we can go, although it seems a little silly to say, we must bear in mind that you need a certain amount of time to go and to return, and distances by boat are different than we are used to. To have an idea, an hour on a sailboat at about 6 knots of wind will have sailed 10  km or 6 miles.

Ibimarine have this stunning Sessa 52 for rent in Ibiza

How many people come with me?

Keep in mind that the capacity of the boats is limited, there is also a legal limit of 12 people for all pleasure boats. The common thought is that the bigger the yacht the more people fit, which is not the case. Our very large yachts fleet are not licensed for more than 12 people on board including crew.

Depending on the size of our group we can decide on one boat or another, we have ships with different capabilities.

In the event that you may be a large group of more than 12 people there is always be the option of hiring two boats or a catamaran.

Rudder at the captain of the rental boat

With or without a captain?

As mentioned above sailing requires specific licenses, and although our boats under 12 meters in length can be hired without a captain, when you do not have much experience or knowledge of the area we recommend that you not complicate things and hire a captain.

At Ibimarine, our Captains are like tour guides, they know the area and his experience will make your journey complete, help you discover incredible places only accessible by sea, take into account the possible weather changes and always ensure your safety.

We should note that for those who want to enjoy some water sports the presence of a captain will also be necessary.

At Ibimarine the cost for a captain is 150 € + VAT and is not included in the rental price of the boat.

Enjoy our boats for rent in Ibiza

Which boat to choose?

From April to October the weather in the Mediterranean sea is usually excellent, so we can enjoy living an unforgettable experience with any boat.

To find out which boat is the most suitable for us we must take into account the propulsion system and size.

On choosing propulsion, sail or motor, we can say that the sail boats offer a very calm and quiet ride with lower fuel consumption but you also need more navigation time and the skills to handle the sails.

Motor boats are faster and easier to use, in addition to being bigger, comfortable, spacious and, very important for those who get sea sick easily, more stable. The cons, are that they are noisier and fuel is expensive.

Once we’re clear whether we go for a sail or motor boat, we need to decide on the size; A smaller boat will allow us to maneuver more easily and anchor closer to the coast, the larger ships will allow us to go further away.

If we choose a motor boat, we must also think about its power, long distances, for example, to eat at Formentera and then have a drink at Blue Marlin surrounding the wonderful views of Es Vedra, will require an engine of 300 horsepower minimum.

At Ibimarine we have a wide range of boats for rent and can adapt to any need you have.

With Ibimarine you have the best quality boats

Precautions during my stay on the boat

If we have chosen the option to browse on our own, from the moment we raise the anchor the captain is responsible for safety on board and should not hesitate to impose his authority.

We always try to advise you, but it is imperative that you know the route and weather to avoid mishaps.

Keep a direction and speed that is suitable according to wind and wave conditions for the comfort and safety of all.

Assure yourself that you have a contact telephone number to call if something unexpected arises during navigation or want to ask a question. At Ibimarine we are always on the lookout to help you in anything you need.

To fully enjoy the days on the boat it is necessary that you be aware that the living conditions are not the same as on land:

  • Time controlled water, drinking water in a boat is limited, we must be prudent in it’s consumption, we should always use mineral water to drink leaving deposits for personal hygiene.
  • Be aware of electricity consumption, its something basic but being on a boat where batteries are the source of our security any misuse can ruin your remaining vacation days. Our boats tend to have extra batteries but please be careful not to leave lights on, etc. Start the engine at least three times a day to ensure proper battery load.
  • Be aware of the bathroom, we must follow instructions to the letter on its use. The bathroom of a boat is used differently from that in our homes, you can not throw in paper, cotton, etc. This could block the system and repair it could lead to a delay for the next charter.
  • Be careful where and how the boat is anchored, you must choose the right place, to ensure that there are no rocks submerged that will give you a scare. Keep in mind the wind speed, a strong gust can drag the boat. Let the chain go gradually until it reaches rock bottom and a little more. It should be dropped at least 3 times the length of chain depending on the depth you are in. And above all, be responsible and respect the environment and our beloved posidonia.



Sessa 52 have a lot of enjoyable space

What to take on board?

We recommend that you do not take too much luggage, space on the boat is reduced!

Mainly comfortable, stretchy and breathable clothing, if you spend night on the boat should wear a jacket even in summer because when the sun sets, the temperature cools. Also, take some extra clothes in case you get wet.

Good planning is important so that you can enjoy and get the most out of your boat rental in Ibiza

Anti-slip shoes, white rubber, that will not leave marks on the deck.

A cap or hat with a visor, sunglasses and sunscreen, you can never have enough protection, sunburns are not a joke.

Swimwear, beach towels, goggles and diving flippers, the waters around Ibiza and Formentera are breathtaking, you can not miss the seabed, it is spectacular.

And, don’t forget your camera to capture the unforgettable moments that you will have and the beautiful landscape of both Islands.

Rent a boat in ibiza for see the sunset

It is suitable for children?

Of course, it will be an experience they will not forget, a chance to enjoy more time with family and nature, but for everyone’s benefit, you should follow certain recommendations.

Children should be advised of basic navigation rules; warn them about what they can and cannot touch where they are allowed to go, and how to do it.

And for safety, they must wear a life jacket adapted to their size at all times.

Above all, they should not be left on their own, you should always keep an eye on them, and always keep their safety in mind.

Let them assist in navigation tasks acording to their age permits, this way, they will enjoy themselves and feel useful.

To prevent seasickness we recommend getting enough rest, do not go on an empty stomach, drink plenty of water and fizzy drinks, and snack on nuts… medication can also help.

We hope you have enjoyed our advice and recommendations. If you follow these sugestions, you will be able to plan your days smoothly on these wonderful Islands. Good planning is important so that you can enjoy and get the most out of your boat rental in Ibiza. There will be no surprises to tarnish your holiday. It is easier to convince your friends and family to accompany you on this great adventure aboard.

If you have any questions or comments we will be happy to help you, we invite you to come see our fleet in, get to know our services and to get in touch with us.

We wish you a happy journey!